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"Amanda, Thanks so very much for such an excellent gift and thank you for being such a great person of inspiration in my life. You are the best. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for all the things I've learned from you so far. I'm chugging through your materials and have become inspired into action! Nigel is now very close to achieving his first goal of getting a toy on his vision board by doing chores to earn money daily! With gratitude and much love, there is always a solution out there waiting for you to find it! :) YOU are awesome!" Kris Miller - Mother

"Hi Amanda, Wow, you could be known as "Kiyosaki for Kids"! ;) I had a look inside your 7 tools and what I saw is awesome! Very comprehensive, I could see how it would be highly motivating and educational for parents and kids alike. You come across very well on camera and it had me wishing I had you as my teacher when I was a kid. Thank you for teaching our future generations about money! It can truly make the world a better place!"

Zack Randel - Certified Master Transformational Coach

"Hi Amanda, you put together a ton of great resources for kids. Amanda gets to the truth of what all kids need to know to live a happy, successful and balanced life. These tools are what all parents and teachers must use and share with kids to truly empower them inside and outside of the classroom."

Julie Kleinhans - Youth Empowerment and Education Expert

"Hi Amanda, Thank you so much. I appreciate what you have done for me. I am a grandparent. I have four grandsons the oldest five years old and the youngest just one week old. I want my grandchildren to grow up with a healthy attitude to money. I wish I had had access to your resources when I was a young parent. Thank you so much." Maria Penny - Grandmother